Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry and Bright

Let's take a look at these past wonderful days....

Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve): We celebrated with my family at my parents house. I had my sister, Kristen, for our gift exchange and Adam had my big brother, Scott. We ate good Christmas food and my mom bought us all too much. It's her fault I like getting presents so much. She spoils us. All of us.

Dec. 25th (Christmas..... you knew that): Our tiny tribe enjoyed our tiny Christmas. Sweetums got a bubble machine and a remote control car (which she is afraid of). Peanut got one of those big horrendous jumpy play gym things that babies love so much and are therefore worth the horrendous-ness. I made sausages and cinnamon rolls. Then we loaded up and headed to Adam's parents house for the rest of the day. Anson and Rachel and all the kids had gotten into town the day before. We COULD NOT wait to see them and for them to meet our girls. We had a nice long, casual, lazy day with some light eats and some gift exchanging.

Dec. 26th: Our tribe stayed home and the babies recuperated from the excitement and all the sleep they lost the previous couple o' days.

Dec. 27th & 28th: We spent more time with Adam's family while they are here. Anson and Bryar are both in the military and are both leaving on major deployments  in this next year so we are all soaking up as much time as possible with each other while we can.

Dec. 29th (today): I declared a home day for myself and the girls. They had their normal Monday visit with their parents. I had my normal grocery shopping and house-reclaiming to do. The place was especially wrecked from our constant ins and outs and never making time to really clear up after ourselves.

As of this moment, both babies are sleeping and I am just happy to relive this year's Christmas.
It was a good one.

All our family on both sides were together.
Adam and I had our little sweeties.
I was fully aware and grateful for what this time celebrates.

The Lord's goodness and favor shine so brightly.
I am unworthy but so thankful.

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