Thursday, February 26, 2015


I had a friend the other day tell me about how she and her husband recently went away overnight for their anniversary.
It was the first time they had left their son for a night.
My friend was honest about how she thought she would miss him so bad (and she did a little) and the mixed feelings about giving so much responsibility of caring for their little one over to someone else, even for a night.
But she was just as honest in sharing what a good time they had and how nice it was to take some down time.
When they returned, it was right back to normal life but she felt refreshed.

I've been thinking about her story and my own times of refreshment as I've been studying the Sabbath.
The grace in the very idea of Sabbath fills my mouth & whole chest with cool air.

Living with a toddler means lots of instruction giving, repeating, and feeling like I'm saying no constantly (which is a downer).
My cup of patience runs dry at some point or another.
Sometimes a quick prayer can fill it up.
But sometimes, something more substantial is needed.

When the time comes for something more substantial, I'm finding that the key to unlocking that time of rest is just accepting it.
I may actually, finally come to a time when I can take a quiet bath or go out with a friend.
But if I spend the whole time embracing illogical guilt for getting away or putting myself to more work instead of actually resting, then it's all for nothing.

An ironic situation happened for me last night.
I try to do my bible study at night, in bed, before going to sleep.
It's just the way that works for me.
But yesterday, Adam had a long workday and we hadn't seen each other hardly at all.
When he came to bed just as I was cracking open my book, I felt a choice come up:
Carry on with my bible study or rest with my husband?
Both seem like winning options right?
I chose resting with Adam.
I made the right choice.

We had both had long days and physical rest was how God ministered to me.
Of course I will make time for my bible study today but in that moment, it was time for rest.

What a wonderful thing to serve a God who created me for work but also gives me rest.
He knows I need to be productive and useful (and is teaching me how) but He also knows sometimes I just need to be held and refilled.
I end up being refilled with joy!
It makes me want to move mountains if it serves Him.

What a relief to be reminded that I am human and God is God.
How soothing it is to be reminded that I can lay down my burdens and the world will not fall apart.
What a joy to serve the One who created and saved me.
What a joy to serve the others He created and longs to save.

If you need rest, TAKE IT.
He has created a time for you to rest.
Don't fill it up with other work and wonder why your tank is empty.
Let Him fill it and you'll end up overflowing. 

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