Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Teammate

I won't miss a chance to praise my husband. 
And he gives me a lot of chances. 

So even though I'm a week ahead of our anniversary, I'll go ahead, and go for it here on this semi-public space.  

We've gotten some history behind us. 
We've been married for 6 years, together for a decade. 

Plenty of beautiful, wonderful times have come our way. 
We enjoy countless blessings together. 

Through the harder bits though, my husband shines. 
One of Adam's strongest gifts is his steadfastness.
With God as his foundation, my husband has been my foundation through many tough times. 
Of course he's not perfect.
Things wear on him too. 
But he is a man who sees things through and stays grounded and tender through the storm. 
And he is only growing stronger. 

I knew that was the kind of person I wanted to do life with. 
Life is good. 
But it is also hard. 
And we are very imperfect beings. 

But with God between and around us, I couldn't imagine a dearer, more wonderful man to tackle life with. 

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