Monday, June 22, 2015

Working Fast

This weekend we got A LOT done in the new house.

On Friday, we went and bought all of the supplies we would need to repaint the place and lay new laminate flooring in the kitchen and eating area.
Adam about had a heart attack when the total was rung up.
But we swung it.

The plan was to paint most of the interior the same shade of gray and then paint the hallway and kitchen mint.

Here is the gray.....

And mint...

The gray is great. 
It changes so much with the light as the day goes on. 
It can be bright and fresh, then goes more moody and cozy at night. 

The mint just makes me happy. 
I think it's much brighter in person than this picture shows which looks kind of drab. 
We'll be leaving all the moulding the way it is.
It has a reddish hue to it so it'll contrast well with the greeniness. 

Then Friday night, some family and a friend came over to help us paint and work on stuff.
We got the whole living room / eating area painted.

Adam and his dad worked on a bunch of projects.
They ended by beginning to rip up the flooring in the kitchen. 
I say that they only began that job because it turned out to be a much bigger project than we anticipated.
Turns out that there were 5 LAYERS of flooring under the one we were walking on. 


That explained the virtual step there was from the dining area to the kitchen. 

So we ended Friday there. 

Then Saturday my mom watched our girls all day (WOOT!) and my sister came and helped me paint the bedrooms and bathrooms. 

8 hours, one break for pizza, and another break for Hawaiian Ice later those rooms were finished!

I'll wait a bit to paint the mint areas.
Since I'm only painting the kitchen and a hallway that color, they'll be easy to do once we're moved in.
There'll be no big furniture pieces to navigate or move around.

Adam spent most of the day ripping out all the flooring til he got to a layer he could build up from. 
He'll be laying this laminate...

... sometime this week. 

Sunday, Adam and Chris worked a bit more together and replaced a pipe that was rusting away.
It was the pipe that drained the tub so it was pretty essential. 
As it was, it was not draining anything. 

One more week of the craziness.
And then a different kind of craziness for a bit. 
And then maybe another. 
And then...hopefully... it'll settle down for a bit.
Before some more craziness starts that I have yet to mention here. 

All in good time though. 
First, this week.

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