Thursday, June 25, 2015

Packing Among Other Things

We've been working on the house, getting it move in ready, pretty much every day. 

Adam, my brother, and my dad all worked on laying new laminate flooring.

Out with the nasty old... with the lovely new. 

Adam finished installing it yesterday morning before heading into work. 
Today the carpet was installed in the living room and hallway. 
Having all the flooring finally layed just really makes the place feel like it could very soon be home. 

Being there so much working, we've had a few picnic dinners.
It's fun. 
Almost like real dates ;)

My more recent days when I'm home with babies look more like this....

And also this. 

Everything's really looking bare at the old rental. 
The closets and cupboards are empty. 

I have been throwing together mostly snacky meals just trying to consume what is already in our pantry and fridge so we won't have to move it. 
Sweetums and Peanut's card board city of moving boxes is dwindling as they get filled with our stuff. 

And as I pack every box, I think "I'll just have to undo it on the other side"
This thought has caused a lot to just be tossed. 

Here and there, as I empty out more space, I start to get sentimental. 
We did live in an apartment our first year of marriage. 
But this humble place has kind of been the backdrop to a lot of our growing up together. 

We got through college here. 
We struggled with infertility here (which God has overcome btw)
Our kids from youth group hung out here lots. 
We started fostering here and became parents here. 
We've learned to love God and each other more sincerely and deeply here. 

But this new house will hold a lot of our life too. 
It will become a new back drop for a new season. 
Again I repeat, I just pray that God will fill its walls and use it for His Glory. 
I pray to not be caught up in the material but rather that what it represents is what it will be like to be home with my Saviour. 
I pray that God will enable me to hold all He blesses us with loosely and cling to Him.
At the same time, I thank Him for His ridiculous generosity and abundant provision. 

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