Monday, June 8, 2015

Officially Official

We bought a house!

Last friday we signed on the dotted line(s) and drove away with the new keys.

She's just a little old lady. 

Our mom's planted flowers in the raised flower bed...... before we even closed I might add. 
But it was sweet. 

When you walk in the front door, you're in the living and dining room combo. 

The living room has wonderful, huge floor to ceiling windows. 
Oh and you also get to see some of the junk we unfortunately inherited.

This is one of three bedrooms. 
Though they're all decent in size, at this point they're pretty rough and dingy. 

The third bedroom has the washer and dryer in the closet. 
We'll use that room for a few things but especially as a workspace for Adam, guest room, and obviously laundry room.
It's a little more multipurpose than I would like but hey, what can you do? 

The house has one full bath by the bedrooms and a 1/2 bath off the kitchen. 

On the other side of the house (off the dining area) is the kitchen. 

There's that 1/2 bath. 

One of our favorite things about our new place is the great back yard. 
It's already fenced in and private. 

Under a pretty consistent layer of dust and grime, this is an awesome house.
We've had plenty of people offer to help us get up it to par and we will be taking full advantage of the help for sure.
We'll continue in our rental house for the remainder of June while we work on the house.
Our plans include a thorough cleaning (or two), removing all the really yucky carpet, laying down new flooring, painting, and of course actually moving in.

Down the line we would like to update the full bath with a new tub and toilet, rip out all the messy bushes in the back yard, and perhaps replace some of the windows.

These next few weeks will be a lot of work but we are all in.
We can't wait to be completely in our new home.

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