Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Time Wanna Do's

About here is where I would post a list of fun things for our family to do to enjoy the season.
However, this time around the block, I'm gonna back off the list of to do's and make a list of things we're NOT gonna do for the month.

(Whoa! Curveball!)

We're not going to stress.
We don't have a tree yet...... so what?
We'll get around to it.

We're not going to send out Christmas cards.
Though I love sending a note to family and special friends (and getting them!), I still haven't sent out thank you cards for a baby shower our church threw for us.
First things first.

We're not going to go overboard on presents.
Each of our kids is getting a stocking with special treats/needed items (like socks and a water bottle) plus one special, larger gift.
Extended family is getting something we think they might like, but we are NOT freaking out over finding the *perfect* thing for EVERYONE.

We are going to be GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.....

GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.....that Christ came to where we are to make a way to Himself!
GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.....that our home is full of Christ!
GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.....that our home is full of love!
GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.....that we have beautiful relationships with our family and friends!
GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.....that our cups are overflowing!

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