Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Wonder

Adam and I are knee deep for the next week or so in renewing our foster care license.
Having just celebrated mother's day, continuing to pour into our calling to foster and adopt, and just loving life with these little ones in our arms I'm wondering what God's plans will bring.

No one ever really knows God whole plan for their life.
He reveals it one day at a time.

I don't foresee any more siblings coming from our children's biological family.
But I wonder if God will grow our family through other family trees.

Like I said we are keeping our license up to date.
We plan to even when the adoption of ours kids is complete.
It's an honor that God would not only charge us with this role but trust us with these delicate lives and situations.

I wonder if there will be a season of short but deep relationships made with kids that just need somewhere safe and loving.
I wonder if we will be joined with another family line through adoption.
I wonder what souls He will bring our way if we just remain open and willing and stay filled with His love.

It's just exciting!
And scary.
But mostly exciting.

God is so creative and brave and adventurous.
He entrusts big things to His little servants and hopes that they will ask for His help.

We are getting ready to celebrate 2 years with our first child and I can just barely wrap my mind around the journey we have traveled.
So many ups.
So many downs.
One major dark valley and several smaller ones.
Joyous days when we brought each of them home.
Sick with hope that we would BE ABLE to bring them home.
The stretching of hearts and a family.
The relying on friends and relatives.
Celebrating firsts and birthdays.
Anxious moments of caring for sick little ones.
Months of angst over if my littlest will grow at all.
Fear that my oldest won't see me as her true mommy.
Mornings cuddling and tickling.

The knowledge that if God does not show up this exact moment, all will be lost.

But He has always shown up.
I am still here, my husband and I are still one, and our children are in our arms, because He is faithful.

So I wonder.
What do these next few years look like with God as our God and His Word as our foundation.

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