Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Busy, Lazy, Fun, Full, Sunny Summer Days

How far back to I want to go?
I feel like summer really did start on Memorial day when Adam hosted a cookout for our young adult ministry.
It was at a local tree farm of a family that goes to our church.

It was just warm and bright, the kids played in the trees and on the swing set, we roasted hot dogs and 'mallows to make s'mores, played and talked until the sun went down......
What else is that but three months of summer concentrated into one evening?

And not that it's been nothing else ever since, but for the last month it's pretty much been nothing else.
Lots of campfires and bug bites and watermelon and swimming and sweet tea and swim stuff drying in the sun.....then getting rained on...... then drying out again (it's a cycle).

We went away for a week in the middle of June to spend some time cabin camping on a lake with Adams parents, brother and his family.

On our week away, we ate a lot (and well), we hiked nearly everyday, slept in, and took naps.
I read whenever I could (wish I brought more reading material along).
The girls ran wild with their cousins between our cabin, Mamaw and Papa's cabin, and the cousin's cabin. 
One day we rented a boat which is very high on the priority list when we get away. 
There's nothing like a day out in the sun and water then coming home tired, happy and sun kissed smothered. 

Time away from the normal places and routines is magical.
If you can make it happen, do it!
Even if just a staycation.
It counts.
It was too long since the last time we took a timeout.
We won't go so long between breathers this time.

Of course since making it home, the days have easily filled up.

Softball games and playing in the dirt

Happy hour at Sonic

To cap of June, Adam and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and the 1st anniversary of living in our home. 
We made a chill day of it soaking up our kids, heading out on our own for dinner to stuff ourselves with sushi, and ending it with a good old movie night. 

I'm in love with that man. 
The things God has done in my life through him. 
The things I get to watch God do in Adam's life. 
It's crazy. 
It's a crazy honor and privilege. 
Plus on top of all that honor and privilege, it's just crazy fun. 

July looks like it will be flying by as quickly as June did. 
With church camp (which I get to visit!), a birthday girl to celebrate, and our church's day camp, I'm sure I'll have another boatload of pictures to dump soon. :)

Hopefully I'll get around to doing it in more regular, bite sized chunks like I used to

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  1. Sweet! I love your summer so far��