Monday, May 16, 2016

The Weekend

Our weekend was pretty full.
We saw it coming so we're not in too bad of shape here on the other side.

(Yes, our weekend started on Thursday night)

Adam's parents came into town to close on their old house and stayed overnight. 
We went to a local place called FiFi's for dinner.

Their slogan is comfort food with a twist. 

I had never been before but heard it was really good. 
Oh my gosh. 
Sooooo good!
If you live nearby, go. 
You will not regret it. 

Afterwards, we caught the tail end of the church softball game so Chris and Monique could see everyone. 
I love our church softball games. 
It's just quintessential summer time fun where I can talk with my friends while the kids run and play with theirs. 
Sometimes we end it with ice cream or getting dinner with everyone. 
So fun.  

Pumpkin had a doctor visit on Friday. 
He has some mysterious issues so our pediatrician referred us to a genetic specialist at Riley hospital to take a closer look.
After much talking, observing, blood sampling, and an x-ray, we should hear something back in a couple of weeks. 

It was just the two of us so after his appointment, I had some fun and stopped by Target (we don't have one where we live) and one of my favorite Goodwill stores. 
Of course.
I was so glad I stopped because I found: a wooden maze toy, a wooden matching game, 2 sleeping bags for the girls, a 70's patterned pillow case, shorts, H&M flats, and a top for $40!
I'm sorry.
You just can't beat that. 
Especially when everything I got for $40 were things we needed/really wanted and looked brand new!

Chris and Monique drove back to close on their new house. 
We can't wait to go see it!


Pumpkin + Peanut playing. 
She is so sweet with him. 
She brings him all her favorite toys and just places them all around him. 
Peanut will pat him on the head and just grin. 
Lovey, lovey. 

A friend of mine organizes marathons, triathlons, and other sporting events. 
He had one Saturday morning and had all this pizza left over. 
He asked if I wanted some for our small group meeting that evening and I was like sure, maybe 5?
Before I know it, my kitchen table looks like this and our small group AND young adults group is covered for the foreseeable future. 

Small group time.
Talking and eating before we study the Word together. 

That's my Sweetums on the right. 
The other three girls love her and she LOVES them.

My husband. 
We don't see much of him on this blog.
That's him. 
That's what he looks like :)
And there's my son, rollin' around as he does these days. 


Speaking of which.....

...8 months old. 
It's been a blur. 
And he's just perfect. 

Not pictured, but we also went to a double birthday party Sunday afternoon. 
My friend's children were born 11 months apart.
So for a month the are the same year!
Isn't that fun?!
They shared a big birthday party at an indoor bounce place with a bunch of those blow up bounce houses. 
Wish I got a picture of the crazy fun. 

So Monday's are my catch-up days and that's what I've done today.  
I try to get to the store to restock our cupboards, find homes for the accumulated clutter, do a load of laundry, put away the clothing that has been scattered from top to bottom, eat a little more wholesome after all the party food.....
You know. 
Find some clarity after the hustle.
It's good and we're finding it.  

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