Saturday, March 24, 2018

Thrifty Weekend Scores

A few days ago, I went thrifting.
Lately I haven't really found much worth having so I wasn't expecting much when I went poking around my favorite shops.
This time, I scored! and got a ton of stuff I've had on my list for a bit now.

You wanna see?
Because I totally want to share!

I scooped up a bunch of goodies for Easter. 
We needed some baskets and those are always plentiful at thrifty places. 
I also found a couple vintage bible story books with pictures for the girls.
That cute little snuggle bear puppet is for Malachi. 
In the top left corner is a wooden Noah's ark set. 
It was $3!!!!
I love it. I hope the kids do too.
I'll add some sweet treats and we'll do a little egg hunt but I was able to find everything I needed for Easter for the kids for under $10! 

While I was looking for Easter baskets, I found so many interesting flat woven items I decided to grab them up for the house. 

So pretty!
They might get hung up together on the wall but I'm not 100% sold on that idea yet. 

Of course I found some clothes for the kids and myself. 
I also found a few pairs of really nice shoes. 
We didn't necessarily need all of this right now, but because I grab up good quality stuff when I see it, I hardly ever need to buy things absolutely brand new at full retail price.
That's what makes thrifting such a productive hobby for me and my family. 
Sure I'm enjoying the hunt, but I'm buying high quality things to reuse at a really, really low price. 

A dress, a flannel shirt, a long sleeve T, 
black pants (to be turned into cut off shorts), and a pair of slip on Keds

A bathing suit and shoes for the girls.
Shoes for the boy.

Also, just in case you want some thrifting tips, I shared some tips for shopping at a thrift store here awhile back.

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